LA Rams Injury Update: How much did victory cost the Rams?

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LA Rams injury update NFL Playoffs
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

WR Kupp

Let’s face it. The LA Rams need wide receiver Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods on the football field to have a chance of winning playoff games. And that was punctuated in the second quarter when a thumb-hampered Jared Goff hurled the ball downfield 44 yards to Kupp. The ball was a bit underthrown, so Kupp had to come back for it between two Seahawk defenders. That play set the Rams offense up for their second field goal of the day.

While Kupp caught just four of nine passes thrown in his direction, he led the Rams in receiving yards with 78 yards on the day.  And he was a true go-to receiver for the Rams, on an afternoon where there were few things going right and plenty of things going wrong on the offensive side of the ball.

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Kupping his knee

The injury to Cooper Kupp happened in the closing minutes, as he clutched at his knee and limped off the field. In an afternoon where the Rams had already witnessed injury to quarterback John Wolford, defensive lineman Aaron Donald, offensive lineman David Edwards, and more. So what is the word on Kupp’s knee?

That is incredibly positive news. The diagnosis is about as good as it could be with a knee and a top receiver.  With a bruised knee, the Rams will likely keep Kupp to limited in team practices this week. But make no mistake, Kupp will play. And he will be a huge factor in the Rams playoff run.