LA Rams Injury Update: How much did victory cost the Rams?

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams Injury update NFL Playoffs
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

QB Wolford

The LA Rams tapped backup quarterback John Wolford to start in his second consecutive NFL game. This was not a matter of “Wolford is better” but rather a simple fact that Wolford is healthier.  The Rams made the decision to start John Wolford early in the week, and that was kept secret to frustrate the Seahawks’ defensive planning over which quarterback they would face.

Wolford gives the Rams mobility in the pocket, and mobility gives the Rams the threat of a running game even with an empty backfield. That’s a very tempting offense for head coach Sean McVay, particularly when the Rams starting quarterback, Jared Goff is just days from corrective surgery on the thumb of his throwing hand.  During the game, a tweet by The Ringer showed just how swollen Goff’s thumb was, and it was obvious that his throwing hand was not 100 percent.

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Wolford won’t finish what he started

The Rams did not score with Wolford under center. In fact, Wolford was injured with three completions out of six passes thrown for 29 yards.  And Wolford rushed just one time for two yards. But it was that rush that put Wolford in the crosshairs of Seahawks’ safety Jamal Adams. Adams delivered a savage blow to Wolford’s helmet, leaving Wolford prone on the field for minutes. Later reports indicated that Wolford was rushed to the hospital via ambulance for observation. Once more, the Rams held their breath. But the report on Sunday?

And that places the which-quarterback-will-they-face back on the menu for the next opponent. The Rams have another week to heal Goff’s thumb, and another week to heal Wolford’s neck. So that may complicate the Rams practices this week, but the team should be ready to go next week.