LA Rams unsung heroes: DE Morgan Fox

The LA Rams are doing well up and down the roster. Here is one unsung hero: DE Fox, a player who shows up when it counts the most.

The LA Rams nearly played the 2020 NFL season without the services of their Colorado State-Pueblo 6-foot-3 276-pound defensive end Morgan Fox. In fact, the Rams did not move to re-sign Fox to the team until May 15, 2020, after the majority of free agency and the NFL Draft activity had waned. At the time, some simply considered the signing as a bit of roster window-dressing.

The Rams had signed a healthy cast of interior defensive linemen after the draft. But the Rams were a bit light on edge rushers. The addition of Fox to the Rams roster helped buoy their pass-pressure.  We highlighted Fox’s rapid development in putting pressure on the quarterback in a summer article featuring his production. And the Rams’ new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley liked what Fox offered, and moved to reclaim him from free agency.

Positive trend continues

Fox has been a solid addition to the Rams rotation on the defensive line. In just 403 defensive snaps, he has record six quarterback sacks, good enough for third place on the team. And his 27 tackles is a huge improvement over last season. In fact, he has been pivotal in the Rams success, not just for the plays he makes, but in the way he has exhibited a well-disciplined pass rush that helps the defense contain both the quarterback and ball carrier.

Fox continued to display his prowess from the edge as he was able to record a quarterback sack on Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, one of five on the day. And he was a solid force throughout the Rams defensive effort as he put up two tackles in 29 defensive snaps.

Fox is one of the Rams players who won’t make the highlight reel nor the headlines. But he is one of this team’s unsung heroes.  It’s the play of the entire defense that adds up to an upset victory. Defensive end Morgan Fox recorded six sacks for the Rams this year in the regular season and just popped up again in the first playoff game. He is currently tied for seventh place for quarterback sacks in the post-season. He is one of many LA Rams unsung heroes, and he shows up when it counts.