Let’s finally wipe the slate clean over LA Rams QB Jared Goff

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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Goff is truly a competitor

The ultimate goal is winning and competing in post-season play. Once more, the LA Rams are the last team remaining from the NFC West to compete in the playoffs.  I don’t want to hold the ‘anything he does is okay with me’ umbrella over Jared Goff, or any Rams player for that matter.  It’s simply time to reset the ‘Goff sucks’ tirade that floods social media on any incomplete pass or unsuccessful offensive play.

Goff played with a swollen thumb in his throwing hand. While it was not a pretty game by any means, it was the gutsy resilient effort that has been missing from the Rams offensive leader. He only completed nine of 19 for 155 yards, but he threw a touchdown strike to Robert Woods that allowed the Rams to keep Aaron Donald, Andrew Whitworth, and Cam Akers on the sidelines in the closing minutes.

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Ain’t that tough enough?

Goff played for 58 offensive snaps with a swollen and quite likely painful thumb on this throwing hand. He was sacked twice. And he scrambled four times for four yards. But he did one thing the Rams desperately needed on that Saturday afternoon. He did not make a single turnover. And with that effort, the Rams advanced to round two.

That was more than a player scared of losing his starting role to a teammate. The willingness to step onto the field to take the heat of any mistake with a bum thumb in a win-or-go-home game is tough enough to lead this team.  But it’s more than just a willingness to play. He gutted this one out and did enough to win a game that the Rams were not expected to win. This was a huge display of Goff’s mindset, and may very well be the turning of the corner than fans have waited all season.