First Take’s Stephen A Smith has no love for the LA Rams QB Goff

ESPN First Take’s Stephen A Smith has no love for the LA Rams, continuing his disrespect of the Rams offense and quarterback Jared Goff.

The LA Rams offense and especially controversial quarterback Jared Goff incite emotional responses from NFL fans and LA Rams alike. Love them or hate them, there is no shortage of social media debates when it comes to the pros and cons debate of the LA Rams offense this season, particularly when you mention the name Jared Goff. And it’s a debate that will most likely continue to rage on for years.

Only one of three outcomes will end the debate. Either Rams quarterback Jared Goff will lead the team to a Super Bowl victory, which will at least quiet his critics, he will find the same leap that so many quarterbacks have during their sixth through tenth NFL season, which will prove that he has been worth the investment of time and money, or he will fail, bringing a loud chorus of cheers from his detractors, both Rams fans and outside the Rams fan base, as the team eventually acknowledges their mistake and parts way with the quarterback.

Fertile ground for First Take

But the level and intensity aimed at quarterback Jared Goff has grown this year, and has become self-sustaining. Some of his social media critics that not even a Super Bowl victory by Goff will change their mind of wanting him gone. And that is the ideal fertile mental state-of-mind where ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith loves to plant seeds of controversy and discontent.

He doesn’t want or need to be right. He just keeps on slinging crazy bad hot takes that resonate with NFL Fans, knowing that even a broken clock is correct twice a day.  The formula for success is simple. First choose a hot topic that creates an emotional response from NFL Fans. Then make a bold illogical claim that feeds the emotion, but truly has little factual basis. Then take that undefendable position and go on the offense.  And that gets clicks, which is the name of the game in sports media.

Rams Wild Card Victory

The Rams defeated the Seattle Seahawks 30-20 in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. In the game, the Rams proved that winning is not upon quarterback Jared Goff, nor should it be.  The Rams win and lose as a team. But it is always easy to single out quarterback Jared Goff, micro manage each play, and walk away believing again and again that Goff creates losses, and that the Rams win in spite of Goff.

Even with a broken, dislocated, and surgically repaired thumb, many Rams fans were quite vocal in their willingness to be critical of Goff in this one. Goff wasn’t perfect, but he did not have a turnover, he threw three long passes that found their mark, and he tossed a late touchdown.

But Goff’s heroics do not matter to those who only want to shout ‘Goff sucks’ at the top of their lungs.

Debate of the future is opinion only

The pre-game debate that was framed over the Rams chances to win in Seattle, the true discussion was just a tirade of disrespect about the LA Rams and quarterback Jared Goff. The is no way to discuss a future event with the facade of a factual basis. So how is it that ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith always has the perspective that the Rams cannot win?

Go back to the fertile ground discussion.  At the 7:00 minute mark of the video, Stephen A Smith jumps in with another hot take of touting the Seahawks as the superior team in all aspects. But the game was never about Russell Wilson vs. Jared Goff.  Goff faced the Seahawks defense, Wilson faced the Rams defense, and clearly the Rams defense dominated.  But nobody will go back and correct Smith. That’s why the Stephen A. Smiths, the Skip Baylesses, and even the Terry Bradshaws of the sports media world exist.

It’s of no consequence to shout vitriol towards the Rams or their quarterback Jared Goff. If they are right, everyone is abuzz about how back the Rams and Goff performed. If they are wrong? So what? Load up the manure spreader for the next game and do it all over again.

There are only three ways to end this cycle of Goff being a hot take for Stephen A. Smith. Either he leads the Rams to a Super Bowl victory, he puts up elite number in the very near future, or he fails and the Rams move on in another direction.  Whatever outcome you are cheering for not only says much about your perspective, but it gives a good indication how susceptible to the Jedi-mind-tricks of ESPN First Take and Stephen A. Smith. And for my money, anything out of the mouth from Skip Bayless, Terry Bradshaw, or Stephen A. Smith is taken with a grain of salt.