NFL Rumors: ESPN Smith claims Rams working to deal Goff for Watson

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NFL Rumors: ESPN First Take Stephen A. Smith claims LA Rams are packaging QB Jared Goff and draft picks in attempt to acquire Texans QB Watson

When it rains, it pours, particularly if you are LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff, preparing to play in the Divisional rRound of the NFL playoffs. Talk about kicking a player when they are down. On top of everything else, now the Rams hurler must deal with the NFL Rumors proclaimed by ESPN’s First Take Stephen A. Smith that the Rams are assembling a package of Jared Goff and NFL Draft picks to offer the Houston Texans for their quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Of course, the relationship between the Houston Texans and starting quarterback Deshaun Watson has publicly eroded. The Texans have strained the relationship over several years, with the first public acknowledgement occurring when they traded favorite wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals without discussing the matter with Waton before executing the trade.

Watson has a legitimate gripe

The Houston Texans further ignited the ire of starting quarterback Watson by completely ignoring his pleas to interview Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy for the Texans vacated head coaching position. Unfortunately for Watson, the Texans pressed ahead with the interview process without Bienemy.

It’s never a good thing when the team is pissing off their franchise quarterback.

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The Texans hired former New England Patriots executive Nick Caserio to right the wrongs of the Texans organization. But Watson found out on social media, incensing him and causing him to acknowledge that he would like to be traded away. All the while, the LA Rams starting quarterback Jared Goff struggled with a completely different set of problems