NFL Rumors: ESPN Smith claims Rams working to deal Goff for Watson

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Potential trade package

The LA Rams are an unlikely trade partner for the Texans in seeking the services of their starting quarterback DeShaun Watson. But if it were to take place, what would it take? Well, the Rams got a second round pick for WR Brandin Cooks, so they would look for a future second pick for Goff at a minimum.  And Watson would command multiple first round draft picks to get the Texans attention. So this is a likely starting point for any potential trade

Of course, to protect both teams, a creative inclusion of additional picks or conditions that trigger those picks could be part of any acceptable trade. And the exhange will only be discussed if the Houston Texans share the belief that Rams quarterback Jared Goff is worth starting as their franchise quarterback.  If they share the opinions of many that Goff is worthless, then they never negotiate and this deal is over before it happens.

Great idea, horrible timing

The potential trade of Jared Goff to the Texans for Deshaun Watson is certainly one that, when analyzed from either team’s business mindset, carries some intrigue.If the Rams gamble and win, they have a plug-and-play elite quarterback who can take over the helm for the Rams today.  If the Texans gamble and win, they too can may end up with an elite quarterback who can lead their team for the forseeable future, plus three first round draft picks to build a quality roster around him.

No trade is a guarantee to either side, It’s the measure of reward over risk that compels teams to the trade market, and right now both the Rams and the Texans have logical reasons to do so. Will they? According to ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith, the Rams are already at work of assembling a compensation package to persuade the Houston Texans to do so. It will take multiple first round picks, which the Rams have shown they are willing to part with.

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There’s more for the LA Rams to focus upon right now than a trade for Texan QB Deshaun Watson.  But if Stephen A. Smith is correct, this could be a blockbuster trade.  Is he correct? Even a broken clock gets it right twice in one day.