LA Rams go Behind Enemy Lines for Packers intel

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Behind Enemy Lines – Part V

Of course, we cannot allow the story to end on such a depressing note. While the Packers may win, we can’t allow defeat to be a forgone conclusion. After all, Terry  Bradshaw was so convinced that the LA Rams would lose their game against the Seattle Seahawks that he pledged to give away one of his hoses if the Rams won.

The Green Bay Packers are a very good team. But the LA Rams have that unnameable quality about them, the feel of a team on a date with destiny. Is this the Rams year?  With a top-ranked defense that has smothered opposing offenses so far, it’s certainly within the realm of possibilities. So here is the final score prediction from Ramblin Fan

Ramblin Fan Prediction

Ramblin Fan:  The Green Bay Packers have enjoyed the luxury of a bye week. That is crucial for a team trying to heal players with nagging injuries. But the same week off can have a different effect, particularly on a team jumping back into the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.  Right now, the LA Rams are playing their best football of the season.  Will it hold true at Lambeau Field? If the Rams are to have any hopes of advancing, it must.

The LA Rams’ defense is uniquely positioned to frustrate Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. DB Jalen Ramsey can neutralize the WR1 of any team he’s faced so far this season. And the Rams have the type of pass rush that can bring Rodgers down without blitzing. As long as the Rams can keep the Packers from getting much success on the ground, the Rams will eventually cobble enough offense to put up some points.  It may not be pretty, but wildcard teams are not after style points when trying to advance.

The difference is running back Cam Akers and Malcolm Brown in this one. They will combine to put up nearly 175 yards on the ground for the Rams.  And that is enough to keep Rodgers off the field and the Rams to advance.

51. 21. 49. Prediction. 24

There, that’s better.

We want to thank Paul Bretl and Dairyland Express for sharing their thoughts about the game, and information about their team.  We recommend checking them out, and perhaps giving them a follow on social media.  As always, we hope that both teams emerge from this game healthy, and that the Rams emerge with a victory. Go Rams!