As LA Rams cool on Goff, NFL Rumors heat up on Texans’ Watson

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Of course, even if Goff had played his best in 2020, the opportunity to acquire Houston Texans quarterback would most certainly be a topic of discussion for the LA Rams front office and coaching staff. After all, if backup quarterback John Wolford can invigorate Sean McVay,

And so places a different spin on the developing scenario in the LA Rams organization right now. In the postgame press conference, Sean McVay made an uncharacteristically harsh-toned comment in regards to starting quarterback Jared Goff. Everyone who heard it reached the same conclusion: One of the discussions within the organization is the future of Goff. And part of that conversation will most definitely include other options for the Rams.

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Right now, the latest reported NFL Rumors seem to confirm that the Texans are having similar conversations about quarterback Deshaun Watson’s future. Per Adam Schefter, Watson has played his last snap for the Texans.  And that’s not something that is just brushed aside.

As a follow-up, per Adam Schefter, the Texans had had discussions about trading Watson now. Clearly they believe his resolve to want out of Houston.  And while \tThat is a bit complicated because Watson has a no-trade clause in his newly signed contract, Watson will surely waive that for the right team.

So both sides seem primed to do something. And if you know anything about the LA Rams, you know that the team’s general manager, Les Snead, does not shy away from blockbuster trades. But is this the type of deal Snead would be part of? Where there is smoke, there is fire. But what smoke is there connecting the two teams?