How LA Rams might have fared in the NFC Championship Game?

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LA Rams NFL Playoffs
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No self-awareness

The Rams seemed to take too long to refocus the offense mid-game, while the defense seemed to make halftime adjustments rapidly. The team proved to be tough enough to win games against all odds and against some of the stiffest competition in the NFL. And yet, proved to be vulnerable to the least talented, least successful, least intimidating teams just as readily.

The Rams were locked into a two-win one loss cycle for the entire 2020 NFL season and were unable to break out of it. The Rams did lose an extra game off-cycle, the first time to the Miami Dolphins after only one win. The second time the Rams lost to the Seattle Seahawks after a loss to the New York Jets.  But it was a mixed bag all season.  At times, the Rams appeared unbeatable or at least charmed by fates.

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Of course, the Rams did not win in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, but what would it have looked like if they did?  Well, the defense would have needed to play much better.  That would have carved out significant playing time from the Packers’ offense to the Rams’ offense. And not to beat the band too loudly, but the Rams offense was good enough to win that game.

Give Goff another 100 yards passing and three touchdowns, and pull 100 yards of offense off of the Packers and the Rams do exactly that. So yes, this is all fictional. Yes, this is the creation of my imagination. But in a scenario of winning against the Packers, what would the fates have dictated for the Rams the rest of the way? Let’s consider the repercussions.