LA Rams witnessed Eagles collapse, know they must fix QB Goff’s play

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The LA Rams staff watched as Eagles QB Wentz collapsed and know the same fate awaits unless they can bolster QB Goff

The LA Rams coaching staff have chained themselves to the success or failure of quarterback Jared Goff. In many ways. In fact, the same pledge used to describe a marital bond applies to the relationship between an NFL head coach and his franchise quarterback.  The phrase ‘remaining together for better or for worse’ is applicable to the relationship between a head coach and a franchise quarterback.

Whether the bond is purely financial, scheme driven, or personnel added to build around him, the wisest head coach knows that his career depends upon finding, developing, building around, and compensating the franchise quarterback. Pay the quarterback too little? And he walks when his contract is up. Pay him too much? Suddenly, the team is crippled by overpaying the offensive leader and is virtually powerless to turn things around quickly.

Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles about their experience with franchise quarterback Carson Wentz in the 2020 NFL season. Now, I’m not here to kick Wentz when he had a bad season. But the drams that happened as a result of his struggles with the Eagles is nothing short of a case study of how to end the career of a head coach.

The struggle for any head coach working with their quarterback is drawing the line. In short, where is the right place? If the coach applies tough love, then the quarterback and coach relationship appear adversarial to the general manager and ownership. If the coach is too supportive, then he appears incapable of making tough decisions.  It can prove to be a no-win situation.

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