LA Rams witnessed Eagles collapse, know they must fix QB Goff’s play

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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Urgency explained

The sudden urgency for the Rams at quarterback is simple. Goff can rebound in 2021. Just as easily, Goff can struggle in 2021. Imagine a season of the LA Rams falling to 4-11-1? As close as HC Sean McVay is with GM Les Snead, I would expect the same outcome. McVay will be ousted, and the Rams will be back to another rebuild.

Suddenly, the intensity of focusing upon the Rams quarterback position begins to make sense. The Philadelphia Eagles attempted a similar ‘create competition’ at the quarterback position, but that was revealed at the 2020 NFL Draft when the Eagles drafted quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round.

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The move stunned Philly beat writers when it went down. And if it stunned reporters, imagine the shock to Wentz himself? Now a similar scenario is taking shape for the Rams.  While the team endures an endless stream of rumors linking the Rams to NFL veteran quarterbacks, no rumor has a ‘feel’ of authenticity.

Will veteran QB Aaron Rodgers truly refuse to play for the Green Bay Packers unless the Packers agree to trade him to the LA Rams? Will the Rams trade for Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions, who is merely an older version of Goff? Will the Rams win the bidding war for Houston Texans’ QB, Deshaun Watson?