Just like that, the LA Rams defections of execs/coaches climb to six

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In LA Rams News: The team has now lost a total of six executives and coaches so far.  The loss of cornerbacks coach is no surprise, but that does not make absorbing the loss of such a significant contributor to the Rams defensive success any easier. In fact, it makes it all the more difficult to do. The Rams should surely have seen this one coming, and yet did nothing to prevent it from happening.

In a normal season, an NFL team may dismiss a positional coach for failure to achieve their annual goals. Or perhaps an executive is lured away at the promise of a promotion, which delivers more responsibility and more compensation.  But it’s a trickle effect. Typically, it’s a slow drip-drop-depletion of talent. But the LA Rams outperformed expectations. Most analysts expected the Rams to fall to 6-10.

When the team failed to fail, it seems as though other NFL teams lay in waiting to cannibalize the team until it does exactly that. The latest coach to go? Cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant has agreed to join the Detroit Lions as their new secondary coach, as we expected.

The LA Rams were quite fortunate after the 2019 season. At this time a year ago, the Rams replaced/added all three coordinator positions, and added running backs coach Thomas Brown and ST assistant coach Tory Woodbury. Of course, that happened rather quickly at the time. The Dallas Cowboys hired new head coach Mike McCarthy, who made it a point to fill vacancies on his new coaching staff by luring coaches away from the LA Rams.

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The mood then among fans was permeated with apprehension, hope, frustration, and surrender, just like it is today. Many of the same obstacles from last year must be overcome once more, but a newly configured coaching staff, and from a new wave of NFL Free Agents and a new crop of rookies from the NFL Draft. Everything has changed, but in the end, much is simply another cycle of wash, rinse, repeat.