Why the LA Rams must re-sign RFA Darious Williams

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LA Rams Darious Williams
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Reason 1: Playmaking ability

There are many reasons to love Darious Williams.  Since being claimed by the Rams in 2018, he has been one of their most consistent and reliable playmakers in the secondary. He is known for his physicality at the line of scrimmage, despite the disadvantages of his height and weight. Furthermore, he has a way of always being around the ball.

In the past two seasons, Williams has averaged three interceptions per year and nine passes defended per year. Not only is he adept at the coverage, but he is quick to reverse the tables and turn a pass into an interception. His ability to cause turnovers at key moments in a game has helped the Rams defense become one of the best in the NFL. The team sees Darious Williams as a reliable asset.

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Reason 2: Leverage

One thing that the Rams have in terms of Darious William is leverage. Since he falls into the  Restricted Free Agent category instead of the unrestricted free agent category, the Rams have significant say over when Williams will play in 2021.

As long as the Rams file a qualifying Tender offer, the team has the right to match any offer that Williams may receive from any team. The Rams can also place a first or second-round tender on him which means the team who signs Williams to an offer sheet and the Rams decide not to match, that team will owe either receive a first-round or second-round pick to the Rams.

The Rams cannot afford to pay Williams ridiculous amounts of money, but by the same token, the Rams cannot afford to lose Williams this year.