Five ways the LA Rams strategy failed to deliver in 2020

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Question: Just exactly what has been the overall strategy of the LA Rams in 2020? And more importantly, how has that overall strategy impacted the way the team approached the NFL Draft, and the results in the season that followed?

Answer: The Rams use first-round picks like monetary currency in order to obtain higher draft position or to procure proven, veteran talent, such as the likes of Jalen Ramsey.  This team has used its first-round draft choices in this way, dangling first round chum in the waters to lure more lunker fish to the baited hook. And it has done this more than any other NFL team in recent years.

Consequently, as a result of trading away first rounders, they have (been forced to?) zero in on rounds four through seven of the draft each year, where they pursue a path of  identifying key role players, players who may not become bona fide stars of the league.

That does not diminish their value as valuable contributors who can grow into a rotational or even an NFL starter role. All it takes is the right amount of coaching, patience, and determination.  These rookies who are selected who can (hopefully) plug and play or perform as valuable backups to mitigate the injury bug which strikes every NFL team because, well, it’s a violent game.

For what it’s worth, the life of a gambler is either feast or famine. There is no denying that the Rams live the life of a high-stakes gambler. They win some, they lose some. Along the way, they’ve hit it big. And by the same token, they’ve bet on some players and lost, forcing the team to cut the players and their losses.

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And how has this strategy worked out for them this year? Conversely, where has it failed them?