Why are the LA Rams are enamored with mobile QBs?

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Moving the chains

Defenses that face mobile quarterbacks know that they must not only account for the typical rushers and receivers, but also the quarterback as well. For offenses that need to improve on the ability to score points, adding a mobile quarterback adds another weapon to the offensive arsenal. That is certainly some of the allure for a mobile quarterback.

Ability to throw the deep ball – The LA Rams offense works best by forcing defenses to cover all of the football field. That was readily on display when John Wolford found the open receiver three times on deep routes. The Rams have truly struggled to threaten defenses with the deep ball. But that was not the case when Wolford was on the field.

A mobile quarterback who can threaten with a deep pass is truly a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. The quarterback can run with the ball, and move the chains. But when defenses crowd the box to stop the run, he throws long and scores a touchdown.

The ability to improvise for a first down – While I admit that I am not nearly as critical of quarterback Jared Goff, I will also admit that if a play breaks down, Goff is not very good at improvising a first down. Sure, he may evade a pass rush. He may even pull the ball down and run. But from the moment the play breaks down, the battle not to shut my eyes until the whistle sounds begins.

With any mobile quarterback, a play breaking down simply creates the opportunity to run for daylight. And when that happens, so do good things. Sometimes, it’s merely the threat of a run that pulls defenders up and allows a quick throw to an open receiver.  But it’s the creativity of a mobile quarterback that truly unlocks McVay’s offensive potential.

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A pocket passer quarterback in a Sean McVay offense is like 3G band. A mobile quarterback in a Sean McVay offense is like 5G band. Is it truly any surprise that McVay wants to upgrade?