LA Rams News: 7 defections place 2021 season success at risk

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Offense under construction

The LA Rams lost assistant QB coach Liam Coen to the University of Kentucky, where he will be their new offensive coordinator.  He had passed on a similar opportunity with Boston College in 2018, but has decided now is the time to cast his career in a new pond. The University of Kentucky has poached one from the LA Rams’ organization. (6)

Pass game coordinator Shane Waldron has been the LA Rams tight end and quarterback coach in the past. Now he has agreed to sign on with the division rival Seattle Seahawks as their offensive coordinator.  But that was not the end of it.

True to form for this offseason, assistant offensive line coach Andy Dickerson will join Shane Waldron in signing on with the Seahawks. He will be the Seahawks’ run-game coordinator. And now, the Seattle Seahawks have poached two from the LA Rams’ organization. (8)

That’s a pretty deep and wide swath in the heart of the Rams coaching and personnel staff. Not only will the Rams need to fill 3 offensive positional coach positions,  two defensive positional coaches, but the Rams will also be filling two critical roles in the front office.  It’s clear that the Rams are tearing down their offense, and are seeking to rebuild it for 2021.

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The Rams are up to something, that’s certain. But they are nearing a point of no-return now. With new position coaches, the Rams will be refamiliarizing coaches and players. VIrtual training camp sessions will be as much about introductions as the installation of new plays or schemes. And we’ve seen how difficult it can be for that to happen under the shroud of COVID-19 restrictions.