Blockbuster! LA Rams trade for Matthew Stafford

Mandatory Credit: Lionsminn
Mandatory Credit: Lionsminn /

As hope seemed to fade on the LA Rams’ chances of landing Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford, it hit.  The whispers were there. The deal was imminent. Suddenly, the NFL Rumors proved true. LA Rams general manager Les Snead is the king of the blockbuster trades.  And he just made new Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes a very happy man.

The Rams have traded for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.  Let me say that again. Matthew Stafford is the next LA Rams quarterback. The trade is an agreement to a deal ‘in principle’. No trade will be formally recognized by the NFL until the start of the new NFL season on March 17, 2021, at 1:00 pm PT. When it happens, the deal will look like this:

This does not assure the Rams of instant success. But it does hit the reset button for the Rams’ offense.  And it will mean that the LA Rams future will be void of any day one draft picks, again. A very familiar position for the team.

As much as I am loathed to usher Jared Goff out in such a hurried and unceremonious way, this trade had to happen.  Goff has been raked over the coals and no way could he be back.  On the flip side, this one warms my heart to know that Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes values Goff enough to accept him in a trade package.

light. Hot. Don’t expect LA Rams QB Jared Goff to be back this season

A new hope

Stafford gives the LA Rams offense new hope. If Goff is Stafford six years ago, then Stafford is the venerable, experienced, sage version of Goff. And to be truthful, that’s not a bad thing at all. I have stood alone on the hill that Goff will be an elite quarterback in the very near future. Now, it feels as though Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes has joined me on that hill. I expect others will too, after the 2021 NFL season.

So what are the Rams getting for this king’s ransom? Well, they win the quarterback sweepstakes that many have believed to include from seven to twelve NFL teams. At least five such teams reportedly offered at least one first-round draft pick.  The Rams offered two firsts and a 2021 third-round pick, plus Goff.

Stafford can sling the deep pass, throwing longer than 50 yards every year since 2011. He has ‘outgrown’ the turnover phase of younger quarterbacks. He routinely throws for 4000 yards passing, and more than 20 touchdowns per year. He is a pocket passer, and as such he is susceptible to the quarterback sack.

The Rams will need to reinforce the offensive line now. And the offense will likely need to rethink the receiver corps. But that’s a future discussion.  For this trade today?

The going price for Stafford was a first-round pick. The Rams doubled down on that asking price, plus tossed in a 2020 third-round pick for the salary dump of Goff.

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The Rams will have plenty to talk about. But the deal is done, and I honestly can say that I feel relieved. The Goff situation needed resolution. And for better or worse, it’s finally resolved.