Timelining: LA Rams trade Goff + Picks for Stafford now reality

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So let’s try to sort all of this out, shall we? Let’s start by debunking a few of the rumors that had made their rounds. Of course, the biggest and baddest NFL Rumors played their part linking Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the Rams. Since the original rumor was reported, additional details have surfaced.

Aaron Rodgers has since denied issuing a thinly disguised ultimatum to the Green Bay Packers.  In fact, the discord started over Rodgers’s wish to exert more control over his future.  It seems that Rodgers wants to renegotiate his contract to give him an ‘out clause’ under certain conditions That makes much more sense, and basically eliminates the Rodgers to the LA Rams rumor.

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Of course, the LA Rams were low hanging fruit this offseason.  If you needed an NFL team to give leverage, just let it slip on air that there is a rumor of a quarterback, any quarterback, interested in the Rams and suddenly all ears will perk up. The LA Rams were the perfect team to create leverage because they have made high profile trades, they have paid top-dollar for premier players, and they are unhappy with their quarterback play.

In the end, the Packer and Rodgers are not parting ways. In fact, they are likely to be contractually obligated for years to come.  Rodgers will retire as a player for the Green Bay Packers, and that is how it should be. So let’s move on.