3 free agent WRs for LA Rams to unlock QB Stafford’s deep pass

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The LA Rams went to great effort to land one of the most coveted quarterbacks on the trade block in many years. Conservative estimates set the floor at seven teams. But few teams who failed to land a quarterback rush towards a microphone to state that they would move on from their starting quarterback. Aggressive estimates climb up to a dozen or more suitors.  In either case, the Detroit Lions had themselves quite an auction.

And the Rams were the highest bidder.

That meant that the LA Rams had the right to claim a brand new veteran quarterback to run the offense. But like any new present, Matthew Stafford is the ‘basic model’.  To unlock all of his bells and whistles, the Rams now need to accessorize him.  They need a deep threat receiver.

The chemistry, the harmony, the synchronicity that has to exist between a quarterback and a fleet-footed WR is something that develops only after hundreds of repetitions and practice, practice, practice in training camp. It’s usually not something that comes right out of the box, like the standard option on a car you drive off the showroom floor. It’s just something kinda intangible that simply takes time.

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Just look at the chemistry between Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s quarterback Tom Brady and his trusted tight end Rob Gronkowski or Brady and wide receiver Antonio Brown. There are good reasons why Brady wanted to bring them to Tampa Bay – he had instant chemistry, harmony, synchronicity with both of them. And look where it took them . . . they’re Super Bowl bound.