3 free agent WRs for LA Rams to unlock QB Stafford’s deep pass

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Shopping trip

So now that the LA Rams have inked the QB they wanted, a QB with a ton of NFL experience, a QB who has faced unrelenting pressure for 10 years and won’t fold, and most importantly a QB who not only CAN throw the deep ball but is WILLING to throw the deep ball, the Rams need to consider adding a speedy WR to their new aerial attack. They need to give McVay a new shiny bauble to game-plan with Stafford at the helm instead of Goff.

At the same time,  some caution is well-advised, too. The Rams need to be careful about bringing in FA players who need to be introduced to everyone else in the locker room because then all you’re doing is trading faces. Ideally, they should be locker room guys, not clubhouse cancer guys.  That’s a somewhat dicey proposition, given that the WR position is well known to be the domain of the prima donna divas of the NFL.

Hot. Watson to 49ers? Watt to Hawks? RGIII to Cards? NFC West walkabout. light

So if a speedy deep-threat wide receiver is on the Rams shopping list, what does the FA supermarket have on its shelves? What wares are available if we steer our shopping cart down the aisle marked “Players with jersey numbers between 10 and 19 or 80 and 89?”

The good news is that particular aisle is very well stocked this year with multiple good choices. Of course, several options are loss-leaders or have been placed on the end-cap to lure the un-savvy shopper into an unwise buy.  You see, our hand-written grocery list is rather specific. We don’t need staple items, we need a gourmet, primo item. The first item on the list? Kenny Golladay.