3 free agent WRs for LA Rams to unlock QB Stafford’s deep pass

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The Rams are shopping for number-one receivers, deep threats, speed guys. Somebody (or some lightning-fast body) that can blow past a CB  or safety and run under Stafford bombs.

And here’s one that comes pre-packaged off the shelf with built-in chemistry already with our new top dawg. This combo won’t have to wait until training camp to build rapport . . . because it’s already there.  It’s like a pre-existing condition. They both already know each other’s tendencies. That’s Kenny Golladay with the Detroit Lions.

LA Rams deal their draft picks from the bottom of the deck. light. Trending

Not many receivers can boast they rang up either 100 yards or a TD catch in each and every game last year,. . . but Golladay can. That’s a WR who, well, delivers. He’s clutch, and in 2019 had 11 TDs from Stafford. He’s often cited as one of the premier deep threat guys in the league. And he’s just 27 years old.

The Rams should nab Golladay and pair him up with the QB that fits him like his favorite pair of jeans. This move makes sense because it would allow the downfield duo of Stafford-to-Galloway to do more than establish chemistry, but rather RE-establish their existing chemistry on the gridiron. Not interested? We’re still shopping. Next item on the list? Marvin Jones.