LA Rams grab a burly linebacker in the 2021 NFL Draft: Mock Draft 2.1

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LA Rams mock draft 2021 NFL Draft
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Paddy Fisher, Northwest, LB

Remember the beginning I said one player from the last draft would be returning? Here he is, Paddy Fisher.

Why Fisher? Part of the reason Green Bay knocked the Rams out of the playoffs was that their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, took advantage of our linebacking core. While the Rams had the number one defense last year the linebackers were the defenses Achilles heel.

Like his description in the last mock draft, he’s not the best in coverage but uses his size well in clogging throwing lanes. He has decent zone coverage and has had one interception every year in college. That’s pretty good for a player who isn’t a defensive back.

Fisher is great in contained spaces and plays the run well. While not sideline to sideline he can play anything that’s between the hashes.

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A big pro about Fisher is that he is always looking to cause turnovers. It wasn’t just the interceptions but the fumbles too. He caused 10 in college, eight in his first two years. That translates to the NFL. He also had over 100 tackles his freshman and sophomore years.

If he can play as he did in his early college years he will be a stud.

However he’s not a perfect player, or else he’d be long gone before the 3rd round. The main concern with Fisher is his ability to get off of blocks. Also the drop in production after his sophomore year. If he kept that same production he would’ve been projected as high as the first round.

The closest player to Fisher in the NFL is KJ Wright from the Seattle Seahawks. He’s not a number one like Bobby Wagner, but he is a very good complementary number two.

At the very least I am imploring LA Rams GM Les Snead, all-mighty general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, to draft this man. Lord knows we could use the upgrade at linebacker.