LA Rams free agency heats up over Leonard Floyd future

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Mandatory Credit: Packers Rams 02963 /

If you thought that the LA Rams would make re-signing OLB Leonard Floyd a priority signing this off-season, let me be the first to tell you it likely won’t happen.  How can I be so sure? Well, to be honest, the LA Rams cannot win a bidding war over any free agent this offseason. And per NFL Rumors, Leonard Floyd will be the beneficiary of a very active and heated bidding process.

You see, Floyd burst into NFL stardom with a career-high season for the LA Rams. He did everything you could ask of a 3-4 outside linebacker, and he did it very well. He could rush the quarterback but also play smothering pass defense.  He can set the edge, take on and shed blockers, defend against the run, and mentor younger players.

Of course, he’ll garner interest from other teams. Which ones?

Those are just for starters. He’ll also likely to draw interest from the Green Bay Packers, the Detriot Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Football Team, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Seattle Seahawks. While that sounds horrific to anyone who wants to re-sign Floyd, keep this in mind. The LA Rams experienced the same exodus with OLB Dante Fowler Jr. when he signed on for a mega-deal with the Atlanta Falcons in 2020.

And he was eventually benched there before the season ended.

The Rams replaced Fowler in 2020 with a modestly priced Floyd, who was more than worth the money paid to him. With that huge success story, the Rams should have no trouble finding another economically-priced outside linebacker to sign up for a year. That will allow the Rams to replicate solid numbers at the edge without paying the premium price for a recognizable name at the position.

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The more Floyd signs for, the higher the LA Rams compensatory pick for the 2022 NFL Draft could become. Right now, he projects as one of the top free-agent signings this offseason, and that could net the Rams a third-round comp pick next year. So this is good news folks. If the Rams cannot re-sign Floyd, then the more teams that bid for him gives more chances of his signing for a lot of money. And that means another valuable pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.