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Seattle Seahawks – continued

Bret: The Seattle Seahawks certainly seem to be at a crossroads right now. Duct tape or rebuild from the ground up? If the LA Rams are in ‘win now’ mode, then the Seattle Seahawks most certainly were exactly that in 2020 and failed to achieve enough success to make winning it all a reality. In fact, the longer the season went on, the more their offense struggled.

The Seahawks have great ‘pieces’ on offense and defense. But the team was battered relentlessly due to an understaffed offensive line and a pass defense that seemed to be hit-or-miss on any given day. If the Seahawks could not win it all in 2020, then 2021 appears to be a much harder task.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that the Seahawks have enough resources to return to the postseason in 2021. But only to experience an early out once more. And all the while, Russell Wilson gets his brains bashed in. So, the Seahawks can dedicate resources to get back to the playoffs, or they can take a growingly popular stance of trading Russell Wilson to a quarterback-needy team and playing a longer game of getting better for 2022 instead.

The Seahawks need to get younger and better on the offensive line, more experience at linebacker, and fresh legs at running back. Russell Wilson on the trade block should get the Seahawks a premium first-rounder in 2021 and 2022 plus other picks. If you think I’m kidding? The latest NFL Rumors have the Dallas Cowboys as one of the early favorites to trade for Russell Wilson. And that rumor is getting red hot right now.

Yes, Seattle doesn’t need to rebuild. But it’s pretty clear that their season plays out like an eight-track tape. To change the outcome, the organization will need to reload. Right now, oddsmakers are setting odds that the Seahawks will trade Russell Wilson. Unlikely? Perhaps. But this is a new NFL era.