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LA Rams – continued

Bret: The LA Rams decided pretty quickly to fast forward the time machine at the quarterback position to acquire Matthew Stafford. While I can’t replay all of the thoughts and discussions that placed the LA Rams into that spot, I can understand what this means for the team.

We saw the Rams flirting with mobile quarterbacks, even filling the room with three mobile quarterbacks. But in the end, the Rams wanted a pocket passer to lead the way. What does Stafford give the Rams?

I – Better ball security. Stafford can limit interceptions even with plenty of pressure.
II – Deep ball. Stafford can sling the ball for far distances from virtually any angle of his arm or position of his feet.
III- Improvise. Stafford can improvise on plays that break down

Now it’s simply a matter of the Rams building a team around Stafford. It’s not a complete overhaul. Rather, it’s adding the right accessories. The team has a running and receivers. Now they need a fullback/power back to move the pile, and a speedy receiver to threaten the back end of defenses. If the Rams can infuse a high-end blocker too, the offense is set.

On defense, the Rams need to add a huge thumper at linebacker, and depth at all positions, not defensive linemen.