5 OL questions LA Rams must answer before 2021 NFL Draft

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LA Rams offensive line 2021 NFL Draft
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have a plan in place, and by all accounts, it’s likely about winning now. Like it or not, the Rams got older at the quarterback position.  Six years older to be exact. So this team has gone from a path of gradual improvement to scaling a cliff to improve now. That changes so many things about the LA Rams construct of a 2021 roster.

Where did the Rams fall short in 2020?  The cheap and easy answer is to simply proclaim it was the quarterback play. But that’s no more valid than saying it was the defense’s fault. After all. the LA Rams were never shut out and averaged over three touchdowns per game.  So it’s not that simple if we’re truly honest.

Brutal honesty. It’s really the only way for the Rams to scale the cliff to rise from exiting in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs to representing the NFC conference at SoFi Stadium in Super Bowl LVI.  Just two wins. So close, and yet, so far. Can these Rams find it within themselves to find two more postseason wins next year? Or can the Rams find three more regular-season wins to have a shorter path and home-field advantage next year?

Of course, the key to it all is not just swapping quarterbacks, but how well can the Rams customize the entire offensive roster to accommodate the new guy?  QB Matthew Stafford is the only veteran quarterback who could lose a footrace to former quarterback Jared Goff. If ‘pristine pocket’ was truly a thing for Goff, then it must be even more critical for the Rams to achieve for Stafford. To do so, the LA Rams must use caution for 2021.

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Spending too little means that the Rams will fall short. Spending too much will upset the financial cart.  Somehow, the LA Rams must assemble an offensive line for 2021 that will not only play very well but ensure that the age and limits of existing veterans are removed as seamlessly as possible.