5 OL questions LA Rams must answer before 2021 NFL Draft

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LA Rams offensive line 2021 NFL Draft
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Getting the band back together again?

Will the Rams stick with the same offensive linemen in 2021 until the wheels fall off? Of course, that may need a bit of explaining which we are more than happy to provide. You see, the 2020 offseason was filled with outcries from fans and analysts that the LA Rams offensive line from 2019 was terrible, and the Rams needed to distance themselves from the player projected to leave due to expired contracts.

Instead, the Rams re-signed all free agent offensive linemen in 2020. That included the likes of left tackle Andrew Whitworth, center Austin Blythe, backup interior offensive lineman Coleman Shelton and blocking tight end Johnny Mundt. It made a great deal of sense in 2020. The Rams offensive line was deeply undervalued. Players would heal, and by doing so, improve. And the logistics of the 2020 NFL season provided teams with returning veterans a distinct advantage over other teams.

The Rams unapologetically took full advantage of that situation. Not only did the Rams return the previous season’s five starters from 2019, but they reassembled virtually the entire offensive line depth chart into this past season. That paid huge dividends. Even when injuries impacted offensive linemen in 2020, the Rams had experienced former starters capable of sliding into the offensive line.

Now the question is, can the Rams be content to wash, rinse and repeat for another year? After all, the team is experiencing another season. Younger players get more experience, while older players become one-year older.  So the decision of when to start the swapping of experience for youthful development comes into question. Of course, that is even more complicated now as the team has exchanged youthful development for experience at the quarterback position.