3 projected free agent edge rushers the LA Rams must sign

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LA Rams Free Agency 2021 NFL Draft
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Edgy draft?

Perhaps they will find his replacement in the draft, however, there’s no guarantee in that lottery, and especially considering this year’s crystal ball into the prospects is a bit murkier than usual – what with no 2021 NFL Scouting Combine and a shortened by the adaptation of NCAAF football schedules around Covid-19 regulations and safety requirements.

Or, the Rams could ponder finding an edge rusher on the free-agent market themselves. And since the Rams are on a tight budget due to the salary cap, they’d probably best limit their search to the more affordable options. Are there any such prospects out there?

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Here are three who I believe fit the bill. This threesome checks all the Rams’ boxes
of prerequisites:

I – They are each bargain-priced. The LA Rams will spend less because they get more out of their edge players.

II – They are experienced, savvy veterans.  They must be ready to plug and play. And not just how to don shoulder pads and a jersey.,

III-  They still have gas in their tanks, tread on their tires.

The key to getting the right edge this year may not be getting the most talented, but rather the hungriest.  The LA Rams have the equivalent of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket for the right NFL edge rusher. It’s not about who has more to work with, but rather who wants it more.