5 LA Rams players the team must re-sign for 2021

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Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Rams Free Agency
Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports /

Ah yes, the 2020 NFL season is no more, and yet the new 2021 NFL season is not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the LA Rams have not been idle by any means, having already reached an agreement to trade quarterback Jared Goff and three draft picks to the Detroit Lions for the services of veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. Yes, the LA Rams mean business in 2021.

Whether the money is readily available or not, there are some players who must be re-signed. Of course, there is little chance for the Rams to win the obvious bidding war for an excellent player like OLB Leonard Floyd. But he was the bridge for the Rams defense to implement Brandon Staley’s coverage and deception.

Still, it proves two things. Players can showcase in the right defensive scheme. And sometimes players simply need more time to truly click. However it works out, the image of a Top-Ranked defense is sometimes difficult to truly appreciate.  The spotlight shines on the quarterback sacks and interceptions. But the foundation of a great defense is denial. Denying completed passes. Denying big plays. Denying 300 yards passing to any quarterback and 100 yards to any single offensive player.

That’s more than one of two stars. That’s a deep and proficient defensive roster stacked with versatile and talented players, perhaps as many as 15-20 deep. Starters rotate out. Backups take snaps. Ultimately, a championship in football is won as much by the bottom half of the roster as the first half.  So let the rest of the NFL bid big brave and bold. Let the rest of the NFL sign household-name players. The magic of the LA Rams’ success is the ability of GM Les Snead to find stars in the making.

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What should the Rams free agency strategy include?  Well, here are five players who the Rams must re-sign. Whether they are simply players who excel at the mundane thankless tasks critical to an NFL team’s success, or future stars-in-the-making, they will all play a critical role for the team in 2021.