3 ILBs the LA Rams can steal in NFL Free Agency market

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LA Rams Free Agency
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There’s a general consensus, tinged with a bit of unease and uncertainty, amongst LA Rams fans about the linebacker corps. The team is extremely light at all of the linebacker positions, and perhaps none more so than an inside linebacker.

It’s a win-now mentality for the team right now. That places any thin roster depth and talent deficiencies for this team in the intensive care unit. Maybe this need will be addressed in the draft. But a more likely option might be found if the team were to scour the NFL Free Agency market with an eye toward securing a bargain veteran play at that position.

Are there any free-agent inside linebackers who represent good value at a nominal price? After all, the Rams are on a tight budget, so they need to be super-savvy shoppers. The Top-Tier linebackers are simply too pricey, given the Rams salary cap situation. And why pay a premium for performance that benefitted another team?

The Rams are much too savvy for that nonsense. Why pay a player for the hope of duplicating the production on the Rams roster? It’s far more sensible to seek a player who fits the job description but who has not yet hit their NFL stride. Then let the production flow on the football field in an LA Rams jersey.

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It’s the risk of hitting on a player just about to break out or take a turn for the worse. You split the difference. Either you overpay, or you nail a great bargain. Sometimes the Rams can do all of their homework, and still not hit the mark. But eventually, the odds will produce a home-run. When that happens, the roster jumps from good to great. So how can the Rams make that happen? Here are some players worthy of auditioning