Five young LA Rams players who will shine in 2021

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LA Rams roster Terrell Lewis
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Outside linebacker

Outside linebacker Terrell Lewis certainly arrived with plenty of hype, but that never showed up. You see, he battled injuries off and one all season, That constant disruption prevented him from having any feel for the game, any rhythm. It also raises a concern about his durability to handle a full NFL season.

Perhaps I’m more bullish on Lewis than most. And if he doesn’t live up to the challenge, I will admit that I was wrong. But that is far in the future. Yes, the LA Rams struggled to diagnose his knee in 2020. And yes, he struggled to stay on the field in 2020. But he checks all the right boxes for a player who will have an excellent NFL career.

This edge rusher is a formidable presence, standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 262-pounds. He played just eight games in 2020, and just 124 defensive snaps. In his rookie season, he recorded two quarterback sacks, five tackles, two tackles for a loss, and four quarterback pressures.

So many are ready to declare ‘bust’ on a young player. He was drafted in the third round, and in his rookie season, he sacked Russell Wilson twice. He has much more football in him, and he’ll get his chance to shine in 2021.  His 2020 Pro Football Focus grade of 70.4 suggests that he has much more in him in 2021. I agree. He will show up huge for the defense this year.