3 reasons why Rozeboom and Moncrief earn LA Rams ILB spots

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Reason III

The LA Rams have a good track record of adding players to the 53-man roster in year two. After adding a player with the right raw talent and solid fundamentals, it’s just a matter of time to add the right blend of practice, coaching, instruction, and time. The results can be very impressive indeed.

But NFL timelines were subjected to huge upheavals in 2020, upheavals that will likely change the landscape for 2021 as well. The league has installed a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure the health and safety of NFL prospects and staff. Much of which relies heavily upon the installation of virtual technology. Virtual technology allows team meetings to be conducted among players scattered around the nation. For veterans, that’s not a problem. But for rookies who remain unfamiliar with the NFL way of doing things, it’s a huge handicap.

Both Rozeboom and Moncrief are familiar with the NFL now. They know the drills, the playbook, and even their teammates. By now, they have a network of who to reach out to for questions, advice, and tips on how to improve. And they are already underway in preparation for 2021.

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A leg up already. Both Christian Rozeboom and Derrick Moncrief are already working hard to earn a roster spot. They don’t have the uncertainty of facing the upcoming NFL Draft. They don’t face a move, or a myriad of interviews. They are focused on one thing, preparing to play for the LA Rams in the 2021 NFL Season. How can they be confident? They know what to expect, and the field of competition is a bit light at the moment.