Why should LA Rams watch the waiver wire of other NFL teams?

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Step two

Now the NFL Players Association has been working very closely with the NFL over the 2021 salary cap. They know that due to the pandemic crisis, many NFL stadiums remained empty or were only partially occupied. They know that the economy was unable to support merchandise sales at historic levels. For years, the NFL’s revenues have grown rapidly. But in 2020, that halted and regressed.

But that was then, this is now. We have a vaccine. Conditions are improving, somewhat. But the way the salary cap works is the previous year’s revenue sets the current year cap. So even as conditions improve in 2021, the severity of 2020 will still be felt on the salary cap.

That has led the NFLPA to advise many players to work out their best one-year deal possible for 2021 and prepare for a better NFL Free Agency market in 2022. In short, hunker down. 2021 will not be easy for an NFL player hoping for their ‘big payday’.

But why would players do that?  Well, in 2022, big-spending teams like the Rams, the Eagles, and the Falcons will have cap space to bid on and drive up the price for NFL players. So many players intend to work on one-year deals for 2021.

Okay, step two. One-year deals.