LA Rams: Six under-the-radar offensive free agents

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LA Rams Free Agency Trey Burton
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Tight End

The LA Rams have enjoyed the benefit of a full complement of tight ends. Still, the expiration of contracts for both TE Gerald Everett and TE Johnny Mundt has filled the tight end room with a foggy future.  Indianapolis Colts TE Trey Burton would be a solid addition to the Rams offensive arsenal.

Burton stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 235-pounds. He is a veteran of seven years but has only played one year where he was a full-season starter. In all other years, he has been a bit of a rotational/scenario dependant type of player. He is a hybrid player, somewhere between a wide receiver, tight end, and running back. That can prove to be rather complicated in trying to fit him into a standard offense.

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His most productive plays have been those that embrace his versatility. Like this video illustrates, he has many avenues open to him to attack the defense. Thanks to his robust versatility, he can act as a wide receiver, a tight end, an H-back, an upback, a running back, or even a full back.  In fact, the Indianapolis Colts used him twice as a rusher in short-yardage situations, and both times he was able to rush for the first down.

Burton has postseason experience as well. Thanks to opportunities when playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, we know that Burton can show up in big games. And he can be signed for a one-year deal for under $1 million. His production is good, and his price is right.