LA Rams: Six under-the-radar offensive free agents

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LA Rams Free Agency Le'Veon Bell
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Power back

The LA Rams need a powerful running back to carry the football in tough sledding, and one of the NFL’s best, Le’Veon Bell is available for a deeply discounted price. An eight-year veteran of the NFL, Bell has certainly witnessed a pretty significant drop in production since parting ways with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He landed on the New York Jets, where he was the primary offensive weapon. Unfortunately for him and the Jets, defenses understood that as well and loaded up the box to stop him. His yards-per-carry plummeted, and the Jets were forced to waive him in 2020.

He landed on the Kansas City Chiefs and contributed to their excellent season. While he contributed only modest numbers on the ground, he also proved to be adept in routes as he pulled in 13 of 17 passes thrown his way by a Chiefs quarterback for 99 yards. For the season, he contributed 466 yards of total offense with two touchdowns.

Bell may not be ‘The Guy’ any longer, but the LA Rams do not need him to be. Rather, they need a rusher who can build up a head of steam and plunge into the end zone. Bell still has that in him, and with the limited role, he can pop the defenders with a bit more gusto than he may typically deliver. Like many NFL players, Bell would most certainly view the opportunity to play for the LA Rams as a chance to reignite interest in his NFL career.  He may not be as good as he ever was, but he is as good as he will ever be.

On the Rams offense, that still is pretty good.