Are LA Rams tempted by high risk/reward Titans OT Isaiah Wilson?

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Rams roster has questions at offensive tackle

The Rams are solid at offensive guards. David Edwards and Austin Corbett had fine seasons for the team. But what of offensive tackle?  The Rams face difficult decisions. They need to cut expenses and two of their option would be trading or cutting their veterans: Andrew Whitworth or Rob Havenstein.

Whitworth is coming off the second year of surgery. How much longer can he be put back together like Humpty Dumpty to line up on the football field better than ever? And Rob Havenstein’s name has surfaced as someone the LA Rams would take trade offers for.  Of course, the LA Rams have Joseph Noteboom, Chandler Brewer, and Tremayne Anchrum to compete for the roles. But is that enough?

Does the LA Rams roster need a high-reward high-risk OT?

Another name has popped up on trade rumors. That player is 2020 first-round offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson, a player who is already being shown the door from the Tenessee Titans. Wilson is a mammoth, standing 6-foot-7 and weighing 340-pounds. He was drafted 29th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft and has struggled mightily to adapt to the NFL way of life.

The LA Rams, like 30 other NFL teams, must weigh any move of showing interest towards Wilson with the understanding that there is a high risk of ‘sunk costs’ for the endeavor. But before we talk about what could go wrong, the LA Rams should understand exactly how good this young man could play in the NFL.

Even the draft analysis from ESPN’s Mel Kiper was tempered with a huge disclaimer of ‘need’s another year.’ And that proved to be a solid assessment.

But the truth is that he has such tremendous potential. He is a huge juggernaut in run blocking, creating space in his wake merely from the defenders who try to avoid his devastating power. What can go wrong? Well, practically everything.