4 reasons why LA Rams may not re-sign Leonard Floyd to 2nd contract

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Reason III – Rote cost

The LA Rams do a rather admirable job of signing an undervalued player, showcasing his pass-rushing talents alongside Aaron Donald, and then sending him out into the NFL Free Agency market to claim their big paycheck.  But it becomes a bit counterproductive. You see, the performance of edge rushers on the LA Rams team garners attention. Attention brings interest. Interest brings suitors. Suitors bring high bidders.

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Let’s give an example of what we mean. The LA Rams picked up outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr on his rookie contract for a part-year cost of $1.9 million. The team extended him for a year at a cost of $12 million.  He has since gone on to sign with the Atlanta Falcons for $45 million over three years. Another example is that of Leonard Floyd himself. He signed on with the LA Rams for $10 million.

Now, Floyd’s next deal should top that of Atlanta Falcons Fowler. Floyd is a better player fundamentally, and he showed off in the Rams defense at stopping both the run and pass. His market value estimate from Spotrac.com runs in the range of four years for $52.5 million.

Even if the Rams had that amount of money, that’s a steep investment into a position that the Rams have demonstrated a track record of boosting their production to career highs.  With that in mind, sharp players should push their agents to give the Rams a discount for a one-year deal to take advantage of the ‘Aaron Donald effect’ and have the next bidding war be about signing them to a long-term deal.