Is LA Rams offense equipped to handle return of big plays?

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The LA Rams offense wants to emphasize ‘explosiveness’, and in the offensive coach-speak, that means a return to big-plays. The emphasis on doing so is no surprise. After all, one obvious reason to trade for quarterback Matthew Stafford is to incorporate his deep pass into the Rams arsenal. Now the obvious next question.

How ‘explosive ready’ is the LA Rams offense right now? Do they need to overhaul the offense skill-players? Or will the Rams simply need to tweek here and there? Furthermore, does this play into the current starters, the depth players, or does it send the LA Rams shopping?

So far, the LA Rams have been slowly developing their offseason strategy. We know that the Rams are aware that they likely could use a new weapon on offense. But do they need one? We know that the Rams could use a newly drafted quarterback on the roster. But do they need one?  We know that the Rams could use a host of depth or compete-for-start players on the offense. But do they need them?

Most likely not. The Rams roster has plenty of depth incorporated from last season.  While the Rams are shallow at the offensive center, and vulnerable at offensive tackle, there is enough on the roster today to line up and go into the 2021 NFL season.  But what exactly are the LA Rams looking for?

Off to see the LA Rams wizard of O

Well in his latest interview, LA Rams head coach Sean McVay elaborated on that.  In that video of his interview, at the 3:10 mark of the video, McVay talked about creating plays down the field. He doesn’t like the 10-15 play offensive drives to score. He believes that too many plays create a risk of mistake.  So he wants to construct a quick-strike offense.

But the Rams may already be ‘there’.  The LA Rams have deep strike ability with TE Tyler Higbee, WR Robert Woods, and WR Cooper Kupp.  Kupp has caught a pass for 70 yards.  Woods has caught a pass for 94 yards. Higbee has caught a pass for 44 yards. But if the Rams offense needs shiny new weapons, the team needs to look no further than TE Brycen Hopkins, WR Van Jefferson, WR Trishton Jackson, and WR J.J. Koski.  All have big-play abilities, and all are already on the roster.

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We’ll look at the offensive weapons on the team as they might factor into this new explosive offense.  The LA Rams once more face limited cap flexibility and a finite number of draft picks. So the team is unlikely to be throwing wholesale roster changes up this offseason. After all, many of the key weapons from 2017’s top-scoring offense remain on the team today.

There are still some changes in store for this Rams roster, for sure. But the big blockbuster is already history. Now, the Rams will likely dress up the offense a bit for the new quarterback. Nothing more, and nothing less.