Predictions for LA Rams 8 top free agents this year

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Free Agent III – Defensive back Troy Hill

Background – The LA Rams experienced a great problem in 2020. Both cornerbacks Troy Hill and Darious Williams were worth a starting role in 2020. Now they have the opposite problem, as both are pending free agency in the same years.

Strengths – The trick with appreciating a player like Troy Hill is not to just judge him on what he does, but what he allows the LA Rams to avoid. He is a solid player, a starting cornerback for virtually all NFL secondaries. He excels at zone defense but plays well enough at press-man coverage. Hill is the type of player who you won’t hear about until he suddenly rolls up a pick-six to change the momentum in a game. He’s incredibly underrated.

Weaknesses – Whenever Troy Hill takes the field with Jalen Ramsey and Darious Williams, he risks falling short of the natural comparison to his two teammates. He’s very good, but not THAT good after all. Still, the Rams secondary is among the best in the NFL. Troy Hill starting for the LA Rams should tell you something. He can play all over the secondary, and that is a huge plus. He is good at defending all sizes and shapes. Still, his 4.55 second 40 yard dash time won’t turn heads.

Jalen Ramsey’s presence ensures elite LA Rams secondary. light. Must Read

Estimated market value – The fair market value for cornerbacks dwarfs that of most other positions. Even in a down year, Hill’s ability to start and produce in an NFL secondary will be irresistible. Look for a contract in the $13-14 million per year range.

Estimated team action – The LA Rams cannot afford to invest huge dollars in a second defensive back. But you can bet that the team wants him to max out, as the higher his contract, the more likely that the Rams will be awarded a third-round compensatory draft pick for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Most likely team to sign him – The most logical choice is the Detroit Lions (again). Hill is young enough to lead a young defense, would be reunited with the Lions secondary coach Aubrey Pleasant, and would immediately improve the Lions defense. Another under-the-radar team would be the Arizona Cardinals, who would love to add a solid cornerback to join J.J. Watt on that defense.