What does ‘a level up’ mean for LA Rams with QB Stafford?

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LA Rams Matthew Stafford
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LA Rams 2020 season with Matthew Stafford

Dallas Cowboys – Game one: The LA Rams won this one at home in an empty stadium by the final score of 20-17. The score was close, but the game really wasn’t.  In the game, Goff threw for 275, no touchdowns, and one interception. Would Stafford have fared as well? Very likely.  While a season opener, there were several open receivers downfield that were passed by for a closer catch. Stafford would take the longer throws.  Stafford’s finals score: Rams win 30-17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Game ten: The LA Rams won this one on the road by the thinnest of margins, 27-24. Both Bucs QB Tom Brady and Rams QB Jared Goff threw two interceptions apiece. This one was one of Goff’s best games, though. Goff threw touchdown strikes to Van Jefferson, Cam Akers, and Robert Woods. Would Stafford have fared as well?

While Stafford may not have had a game plan featuring rookies as primary targets, he would have connected with the regular receivers. But Goff’s two turnovers led to 10 of the Buccaneers’ points.  Stafford’s final score: Rams win 20-10

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San Francisco 49ers (x2) – Game 6 and game 11:

In the first game, the game was decided by eight points. But the game-within-the-game was the inability of the LA Rams to connect on the deep ball. In the first half, the Rams punted three times while falling behind by a score of 21-6.  Goff’s lone interception did not result in points, but it did stall a touchdown drive.  I’d like to believe that it would not make a huge difference in this one, but it did. Stafford scores there. Stafford’s final score:  Rams win 26-24.

In the second game, the game was decided by just three points, and Goff had an ugly game. Goff threw two interceptions and fumbled once. One interception was a pick-six by  49ers rookie defensive lineman, Javon Kinlaw. The other interception was a pass thrown right into the arms of veteran cornerback Richard Sherman. Stafford does not throw those interceptions.  Stafford’s final score: Rams win 20-16.