What does ‘a level up’ mean for LA Rams with QB Stafford?

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Seattle Seahawks -game 16: The LA Rams were facing the Seattle Seahawks for the NFC West Division lead in Seattle. This one was all Seattle, and for the first time, I don’t think loss could have been avoided by another quarterback under center. Yes, Goff threw an interception at the Seattle 10 yard line which eventually became a Seahawks field goal. But adding three points to the Rams final score and taking three points from the Seahawks final score still results in a Rams’ loss. Stafford’s final score: Seahawks win 17-12

New York Jets – game 15: The LA Rams may not have taken the winless New York Jets seriously enough, but that sleight was compounded when Jared Goff tossed an interception at the 42-yard line, halting their first positive momentum in the game and leading to the third Jets’ score, a field goal that would ultimately be a game-winner. In this one, the Rams found ways to move the ball but found ways to shoot themselves in the foot as well. Stafford leads the team to the comeback in this one.  Stafford’s final score: Rams win 23-20

Miami Dolphins – game 8: This game epitomized the frustration of the LA Rams season. The final score was 28-17, but in the game itself the Rams turned the ball over four times. In fact, after scoring an early touchdown, the Rams offense fell silent as the Dolphins put up 28 unanswered points before the Rams finally scored on a field goal. The culprit? Well, one interception of Goff led to a go-ahead touchdown. A Goff fumble was returned for another touchdown. And to put salt in the wound, a stalled three-and-out offensive drive resulted in an 88-yard punt return for a score. YOu don’t need to stretch the imagination for this one. The Rams defense dominated.  Stafford’s final score: Rams win 17-7

Buffalo Bills – game 3: This game was a shootout. Yes, Jared Goff threw his trademark interception in this one. Yes, that turnover resulted in a touchdown by the very opportunistic Buffalo Bills offense. By halftime, the Bills led by a score of 21-3. The game turned into a free-for-all in the second half, and it came down to the team that had the ball last would score and win this game. The Bills did so, and I don’t think that changes if Stafford is under center.  Stafford’s final score: Rams lose 35-32.