What if the LA Rams were to trade WR Robert Woods

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LA Rams rumors Robert Woods
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The trade

So let us consider the possibilities before we dismiss the notion of such a trade entirely. But before we do, lets put in this bit of NFL wisdom from former Rams quarterback Jim Everett

Whenever the Rams pick up the phone and listen to offers about the possibility of trading WR Robert Woods, what would the offers be?  What should they be? We’re talking about an NFL veteran wide receiver who has averaged nearly 1,100 yards per season in the last three years.  His salary cost is a very affordable salary of $12 million in 2021.  For comparison purposes, free-agent wide receiver Allen Robinson is projected to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million per year.

So that means that the Rams could command a premium price for two reasons. First, the Rams are taking calls from other teams.  You called us. They are in the driver’s seat, can set the terms, make the stakes be as high as they desire.

Meanwhile, the Rams have Woods locked up in a contract until 2025 that is priced far below what the current market value for his production and numbers dictate.  Here, too,  we have a little something to go on from as recent history as last year.  To illustrate, let’s put the Baltimore Ravens in the trade partner seat just to see what a trade might look like:

When the Rams traded away WR Brandin Cooks, they were trading away an expensive and injury-riddled wide receiver.  The Texans sent a 2020 second-round draft pick (No. 57 overall, the same position the Rams are drafting in this year, coincidentally).  Of course, there were plenty of question marks swirling around the Cooks deal, none of which exist with Woods.

So that’s the floor, the beginning point of any potential trade negotiations for a deal for Woods. But do not underestimate Woods’s true value. He could deliver a mid-to-late first-round pick offer, say, from a team in dire need of a wide receiver that’s willing to pay the premium just-gotta-have this-guy-on-my-team-at-any-cost pricetag.

Once again, the Rams can raise the stakes ‘ cuz they hold all the cards on any potential deal. Remember, you called us about making a deal for Woods.