LA Rams overspend at IDL leads to rumors of Brockers on trade block

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Brockers leads on and off the field

Let’s get right to it, Michael Brockers is one of those football players who contribute at all levels of the Rams organization. But many simply look for what did a player do on the football field, so let’s start there. With the growth and logjam at the position, Brockers saw 20 percent fewer defensive snaps (dropped from 766 to 624), but his ability to pressure the quarterback actually rose.

He recorded five quarterback sacks, 51 tackles, five tackles for a loss, and ten quarterback hits. In 2020, the guy never missed a tackle. And even as a seasoned veteran, he continues to contribute to special teams. But he is one of the go-to guys for younger players, and the 2020 rookie class was loaded with them.

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Eric Banks, Michael Hoecht, Jonah Williams all benefited from Brockers during their rookie season. And Marquise Copeland found him a good source of knowledge even into his second NFL Season. Michael Brockers is there for the team and for his teammates.

No one recognizes that or appreciates that, more than his teammate Aaron Donald. The two teammates have forged a strong friendship that goes beyond putting a hand in the dirt and lining up next to one another. It was clear a year ago that Donald wants Brockers as he lobbied hard for the Rams to resign him, and there is no reason to believe that has changed.

As if this isn’t enough news, Breer also mentioned that NFL teams are very interested in trading for wide receiver Robert Woods. While nothing appears imminent on that front, the Rams roster does commit a lot of resources at the position. If the Rams believe that younger receivers like Trishton Jackson and Van Jefferson show promise, the team could listen to offers.

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Per some reports, the 2021 NFL Draft class for wide receivers is expected to be more talented, deeper, and better than 2020.