LA Rams meet w UCF and SDSU CBs ahead of 2021 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft
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The LA Rams stand to lose two of their starting cornerbacks in the NFL free agency market. It’s likely that the Rams will work very hard to keep RFA DB Darious Williams, but for now, there has been no movement towards accomplishing that.  And even if the Rams succeed in extending a qualifying tender offer to Williams, that will only extend him one more year.

That is if no team gives him an offer letter that the Rams do not match.

If that occurs, the LA Rams will be two starting cornerbacks down as they prepare for the 2021 season.  Unlike the other defensive positions, the Rams simply do not have the depth on the current roster to absorb the loss of two cornerbacks.

The Rams need depth at the position. Even if the team has the position addressed for 2021, the need for potential starters for 2022 and beyond is tangible. That means that the cornerback position is most definitely on the Rams shopping list for the 2021 NFL Draft.

If the Rams lose both Troy Hill and Darious Williams to free agency, the roster will be depleted at cornerback, a strength of the 2020 NFL defense. The Rams will have All-Pro Jalen Ramsey, Donte Deayon, David Long Jr., and Tyrique McGhee. Of course, the presence of Ramsey will ensure that the Rams will not struggle. But the team will most certainly want to have a competent starter on the field opposite Ramsey who can defend the pass.

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The Rams will likely meet with multiple cornerback prospects ahead of the draft.