LA Rams, Raheem Morris, and cover 3 super safety shopping in draft

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Raheem Morris
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Out of Coach Raheem Morris’s mouth

Talking with the new coach before the roster is fully assembled certainly has its limits, but Raheem Morris does a good job in this interview of laying out his basic approach.

The podcast interview of the new defensive coordinator by Stu Jackson is a pretty good survey of the landscape. At 3:13, Stu Jackson lays the ‘third defensive coach in three years out there, Morris talks about being communicative and attempting to replicate similar terminologies.

Morris talked at length about the Rams stars: Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. It’s clear that he is aware of the concepts that Staley employed, and will be focused upon his own version of unlocking their talents even further. Ah, but I digress.  at 7:50, Morris is asked about how can he maintain the Rams defense at number one, but infuse his own style.

Morris pledged to retain as much of what ‘worked’ from 2020. Of course, what he didn’t say is that is within certain limits. For example, Morris will not have John Johnson, nor Troy Hill, and may not have the services of Darious Williams. So he will have a different skill set to use on his defense.

Morris is steeped in defensive history. He knows the Tampa-two, the Fangio/Staley two-deep cover shells, the cover-one, and the cover-three.  And he knows that all have evolved to provide tightly matched coverages while simultaneously attacking the quarterback by pressuring the football.