LA Rams re-signing OLB Leonard Floyd puts SB in sights

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LA Rams Free Agency Leonard Floyd
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Where there’s hope, there’s Les Snead signing an impossible deal

We got confirmation of that belief and prepared to write a glorious ‘Keep the Faith’ article to bolster hopes of something happening in the next 48 hours.

But the Rams did not need 48 hours. In fact, the team did not need 4 hours.  You see, shortly afterward, the Rams organization made their own report about agreeing to terms with free-agent outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. It was a real jaw-dropper, folks. But in the current roster situation, the Rams delivered big time in the two most critical areas of this roster.

The Rams had little choice on this one. The NFL Free Agency market for edge rushers was drying up quickly. And for any analysis, the Rams would need both a veteran and a rookie to fill the two projected vacancies at the position for 2021. The problem with that strategy was muti-layered.

For starters, the Rams’ remaining edge rushers did not fill up the roster with many defensive snaps. And the hope for a tandem of Leonard Floyd paired up with rookie behemoth never seemed to pan out as Lewis was unable to play for much of the season. In summary, this is the picture that was developing for the team this off-season.

Rock <> LA Rams <> Hard Place

While each of us has our own list of ‘gotta get’ for the Rams in the offseason, whether or not you agree, a veteran edge rusher was a need for the team.  There was no way to run this defense without one. Of course, with that being said, how bad did this signing cost the Rams?