LA Rams announce they are officially under $182.5 million as expected

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The gyrations of the annual NFL salary cap seem to be based on a script from an ole Seinfeld episode. A lot to do about nothing. Whether you or not agree with the how, the what was never in question. The LA Rams always maintained a plan to get under the 2021 NFL salary cap, whatever that number might be.

When that number rose from $175 million to $182.5 million for the true salary cap, the minor difference may not have helped the Rams’ efforts, but certainly did not hurt.  Clearly, the Rams had plenty of lead-in-time to concoct a viable strategy.  With options limited to restructuring, renegotiating, trading, or cutting players, the method of getting significant savings was already decided

So regardless of the when, the Rams pulled off finding the necessary savings and did not need a magic wand nor a magic top hat. But, what does the ‘we are under the $182.5 million salary cap ceiling mean?

‘We aren’t done yet’

There was a report on social media that indicated that LA Rams GM Les Snead had called into a podcast and uttered the words ‘We aren’t done yet’.  I have no context for this statement but know that it was during a call about the LA Rams, NFL Free Agency, and the NFL salary cap. Many interpreted the statement in the most glowingly optimistic way and concluded that the Rams are still intending to sign free agents.

But an alternate interpretation could simply mean that while the Rams have somehow managed to sneak in under the $182.5 million cap ceiling for the start of the new NFL season, they will need to get the shears back out to clear more cap space to sign the 2021 NFL Draft rookies and other players who will round out the team’s 90 player roster before the start of their OTAs or training camp.

While the Rams do not have the awfully expensive first-round pick, they do have six selections that when used will create the need for an additional $4-6 million (Per  I don’t expect that any of the current reassurances from the team intended to include future obligations that will occur in the future due to rookie signings.

Restructure Bonus

While not complete, does reflect a much smaller cap deficit for the LA Rams now at an estimated ($16 million) deficit. Of course, those numbers do include the $4.766 million due to Darious Williams, but no expense for OLB Leonard Floyd. A column titled restructure bonus has appeared, and that column holds values for Jalen Ramsey, Rob Havenstein, Robert Woods, and Johnny Hekker.

Based on previous reports on the topic, the players with restructuring bonuses could expand to include Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, Andrew Whitworth, and perhaps will even include Matthew Stafford when he is officially an LA Rams player.  Of course, as soon as the Rams can get a crack and Stafford’s contract, they will have another chance at creativity to find robust savings.

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The only other item of note is the absence so far of Michael Brockers inclusion in the reworks. That could mean nothing. Or it could indicate a different type of action happening down the road, whether renegotiating completely, waived, or being traded. While no reports are currently available, it’s something more to keep an eye on. Well, it’s now being reported, the LA Rams are trading DL Michael Brockers to the Detroit Lions. Stay tuned folks!