LA Rams rumors of trade now reality: Michael Brockers to Detroit Lions

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More than a stat line

The popularity of Fantasy Football may have rejuvenated the sport of professional football, but the popularity of boiling a player’s value down to yards, receptions, touchdowns, interceptions, and safeties has skewed what is truly important to winning in the game of football.

Rushers need blockers. Quarterbacks need clean pockets. Interceptions need quarterback pressures. Defenses need players willing to gobble blockers, turn a play in, or simply stay in position and not bite on a fake or misdirection. Michael Brockers is that sage veteran who explains these facts to younger players. He is the guy you will see laughing alongside his teammates ‘Seabass’ or ‘AD’.

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We wrote this about Brockers in a previous article

"‘Brockers is the heart of the defense. He knows what makes 11 players tick on the field. He knows that from the opening kickoff, it’s not about fans, big paychecks, the stats, or even DPOY. It’s about playing for one another. Teammates who simply do not want to let their other teammates down. But more importantly, friends who want to do right by their friends when it falls upon them."

And it’s even more true now.

Michael Brockers is a close and trusted friend of All-Pro defensive lineman, Aaron Donald. But it is a strong bond thanks to their deep mutual trust. Players in the NFL know intimately who they can rely upon at crunch time. Aaron Donald knows that Michael Brockers is such a guy. Now, for the second time in two years, the two must exchange their goodbyes.