Really? LA Rams Michael Brockers only nets 2023 7th-round pick

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LA Rams trade Michael Brockers
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The LA Rams certainly seem to be more than happy to give the Detroit Lions the benefit of the doubt on trades thus far. In a year where one of the most shallow positions of the 2021 draft class is the interior defensive lineman role, the Rams just traded away a high-quality defensive lineman.

In a year where their preferred trading partner, the Detroit Lions, desperately needed to upgrade at the defensive line position, the Rams have traded a starting-caliber defensive lineman to them. Not just any defensive lineman, but one who can step in and start now.  The Lions also grabbed a veteran lineman who will be instrumental in onboarding and mentoring its young-buck players as it rebuilds (yet again).

So surely the Rams got their 2021 third-round pick back in the process, right? Well, not exactly. Well, then the return was certainly some 2021 NFL draft pick that the Rams can use this year to bolster their meager handful of picks? No? Well, I give up, what did the Rams get back?  No friggin’ way.

The only possible explanation? The Rams view this trade as nothing more than a complete and utter salary dump of over $7 million.  While that’s a lot of money to the fiscally-challenged Rams, is that all this trade will be to the organization?

Was the 30-year-old Brockers truly just a player the Rams were forced to unload to get under the salary cap by the start of the new league year? Wow.  While that may be the reality of the situation, I don’t know that is a clear focus upon the player the Rams are giving up. It appears that whenever the Rams become frustrated with any player who does not agree to do what the Rams ask of him.

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To say the Lions didn’t really part with too much in this deal is putting it rather mildly. Hoo boo, the understatement of the year.